The Nosh Show: Episode 15


In this episode, we welcome the Nerd Lunch Podcast crew and all seven of us talk about Pecan Pie Pringles, Sprite Cranberry, a Black Ninja Burger from Burger King in Japan, and a donut-muffin hybrid from Starbucks U.K. We also discuss Pop-Tarts and Oreo flavors that should be made.

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  1. Now I understand why Dubba goes under an assumed name 😉 Black Ninja tongues flapping in the wind, Nerd Lunch crew and their antics. So much food and funny, not enough time 🙂

  2. Man! Ryan’s a notoriously hard sell with Pizza Hut. I’m neutral on them as a whole, but his glowing thumbs-up for the new Stuffed Crust has me curious enough to take the plunge.

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