Here are the The Nosh Show’s co-hosts:


Aloha! I’m Marvo. I’m the editor-in-chief of The Impulsive Buy, a junk food/fast food review blog that has been around since 2004. I live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and my desk is topped with many empty boxes and bottles of stuff I’ll eventually review. I am not a hoarder. I go grocery shopping late at night and have a thing for buying Japanese snacks on eBay. I may have a Diet Pepsi addiction.


Hey, I’m Ryan and I started Grub Grade in 2009. I’m 32, live in Maryland with my cat, and shockingly not in my parents basement. I go to the gym regularly and not for purposes of vanity, but just enough to continue my grubbing lifestyle and bad food addiction. I’m that kid in 7th grade who would draw pictures of cheesesteaks. You never knew that kid, but it was me. I like ordering from the value menu for the variety and not necessarily the value. When I order some grub from a fast food drive-thru, I place two orders for myself. One order for the drive home and the other order for when I get at home. I will name my first born son Quesadilla.

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-A
Favorite Snack: Spicy Nacho Doritos
Favorite Ice Cream: Turkey Hill Double Dunker


Hello! I am Dubba and I started On Second Scoop back in 2008. Professional geek by day, father of two and ice cream addict by night… well, ok, ice cream addict all day long. Despite a dozen cereal boxes in my cabinet and an even larger selection of snack foods at my disposal, I’ll never claim to be a food expert. I can’t even make it past “what kind of cheese you want with that?” but that doesn’t lessen my love of food one bit. Trying something emblazoned with NEW has become a way of life for me, especially when it’s in the freezer aisle.

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Wendy’s
Favorite Snack: Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies


Well hello there! I’m Chris and I started Junk Banter back in 2015. My real life gig is providing auditing services for the Army, but my side hustle is talking about food into my computer. I used to work on an ice cream truck, which says all you need to know about me. My love for junk food stems from an obese childhood, but these days I balance it out with a love for fitness too. I live in Baltimore, MD where you can often find me running, eating, or both at the same time. I like to reveal new Oreo flavors to the world and one day I will get in trouble for it.

Emeritus Host


I’m Eric, your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy, if your neighborhood happens to be Washington, DC. I started JunkFoodGuy.com in June of 2011. I’m just a normal guy from Upstate New York who happens to like junk food. I’m not big, I’m not tiny, I’m neither overweight nor ripped. I work out, I give blood, and my BP is usually a normal 120/80. I just happen to really, really like junk food. And sports. And women. And tech. And pop culture. But mostly junk food.

My favorite four fall food groups are: Pumpkin, Spice, Gingerbread, and Maple. I once placed 4th in a tater tot eating contest, consuming 96 tater tots in 6 minutes. It was the worst decision I ever made.