The Nosh Show: Episode 5


In this episode, Dubba talks a lot about pretzels, Eric pleads for an Australian snack to come to the U.S., Ryan admits fast food secret menus are stupid, and Marvo has trouble saying dulce de leche. They also discuss Kobe beef jerky, new fast food frozen desserts, and their Noshes of the Week!

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  1. The Thing about Pretzel Buns is it’s a soft dark brown bun and is a bit chewy,Steak N Shake had a Pretzel Bun Steakburger called Octoberfest then and Red Robin ripped them after a week in and made the exact same burger or at least it looked like that because Steak n Shake came out with in first in my area.

  2. These places have their menu lineups scheduled out months, sometimes over a year in advance. I think this year I’ll finally have to get around to trying one of them.

  3. I went and bought a bag of Ruffles Ultimate Tangy Honey Mustard after hearing McDonald’s Hot Mustard. The very first chip I had didn’t do it for me, but the second and many of the ones following were right on the mark. It’s uncanny. And effin’ tasty.

  4. I used to order Volcano Nachos with chicken from Taco Bell. They never had a problem making them. I usually would order them for my Mom because she liked spicy food and preferred chicken with her nachos. Haven’t tried anything else too wild though.

  5. Hey guys! A suggestion: it might be interesting if you read a couple comments during the podcast or had some kind of listener’s mail segment. I bet you’d get some interesting suggestions there (well, you probably already do from your individual shows’ sites, but this way you can get some cross-pollination going too from people who might only normally listen to one show) and additional cool stuff to talk about. And on that note…

    Man, who knew that Kobe beef jerky Kickstarter would get pulled over it being an alleged scam, huh? But if it isn’t one, I really doubt that it would have been any good. What’s makes Kobe beef good is its intense marbling* (why you’re supposed to only get it rare or maaaaaaaybe medium rare), but you can’t make jerky out of fatty beef! You might be able to pull the water out of Kobe beef, but because the fat is all mixed in with the protein, you can’t trim the fat out. With the jerky-making process, at best you’d end up with dry-aged Kobe beef; at worst, rancid beef–yuck! And you can’t pre-slice the meat or else you’d end up with the funky dry-aged beef crust…chips. Not too appealing.

    *This is why I don’t understand the concept of Kobe/wagyu beef burgers. You’re grinding up well-marbled beef?! What’s the point? Well, I guess American “Kobe beef” (which is just Japanese cows–that’s literally what “wagyu” means!–cross-bred with Angus cows; they don’t get fed beer, and they probably don’t get massages either) is cheap enough that you can do something like that, but really, it’s a waste!

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