The Nosh Show: Episode 3 + Giveaway


In Episode Three, we discuss poutine-flavoured soda, pina colada ice cream, new fast food stuff, and bubble gum peeps. We also come up with our own Ben & Jerry’s flavors and fast food restaurants. Plus, our Noshes of the Week!

Giveaway is over.

We’re also holding our first ever Nosh Show giveaway. What’s the prize? You have to listen to find out. But if you’ve already listened to the show, here’s what you have to do.

1. Answer the following: Name one of the non-existent fast food restaurants we’d like to see.

2. Leave a comment that contains your answer with this post. After you click “Post Comment”, your comment/entry will be held in moderation and won’t be posted until Saturday, May 18th at 11:59 pm Hawaii Standard Time. Those who answer correctly will be entered into the drawing. The drawing is only open to U.S. residents who are 18 years old or older.

3. If you have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Saturday, May 18th at 11:59 pm Hawaii Standard Time:

I love @NoshShow! It’s like stuffing my ears with junk food! #noshshow

Good luck!

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

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Let’s Chew on This

Nosh of the Week

15 responses

  1. Made to order hot pockets!

    And thanks to this episode, I now want to relive my childhood and make a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich.

  2. Another awesome episode guys!

    I’d like to see a fast food banh mi shop, because who wouldn’t want more banh mi all the time?

  3. Least popular Hot Pocket; Haggis or Vegemite? Good show, to me the Hot Pocket Cafe wins ever so slightly over the eggroll cafe.

  4. One of the ideas was a egg roll drive-thru. Which I think would totally decimate the Hot Pocket drive-thru. Just sayin’.

  5. I’ve seen some Subways with drive-thrus, but I’ve never used one. I feel like Subway’s janky enough when you’re watching your sandwich be made. I don’t know what’s gonna come out of the window when I tell a drive-thru speaker I want black olives, wait for them to put all six on, and then ask for more black olives.


  7. One of the fast food restaurants mentioned was for custom sweet eggrolls and savory eggrolls made to order.

  8. Love the show.

    Contest entry: Greek Fast food restaurant, Egg Rolls, Hot Pockets made to order

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