Episode 99: Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt

New summer Oreo cookie flavors, Peeps Filled Delights, Flamin’ Hot Ruffles, Little Caesars Smokehouse Pizza, and much more.

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  1. Finally found the 1893 Citrus cola, still looking for the currant one. I also did not realize until after I had purchased it that the citrus in question was grapefruit. I like grapefruit flavor, but thought it was a weird combo for a cola. And I was right, for me not the best combination, but still sippable. Still excited for the currant one.
    And will definitely try the smokehouse pizza. But I will definitely try to order it once on a deep dish (thinking $11 or $12 should get the job done), as it is the superior dough. Though I will disagree with Dubba a little, because the cheese from Little Caesar’s alone (the Muenster, specifically) make it a cut above the freezer aisle.

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