Episode 100: Hostess with the Mostess

This is usually the part where we tell you what we talk about during the episode. Um, well, for this episode we don’t really want to do that because that would ruin the surprise. Ugh. Now saying there’s a surprise kind of ruins the surprise. Actually, we don’t really think many of you read this, so we think we’re okay.

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  1. I’ve been listening since episode 3 when I ran across this show during a time when I had an eating disorder of all things. I hadn’t;t eaten junk food or fast food in years because of this problem and was fascinated by how you guys actually have a passion for seeking out and discussing trends in the market. I am recovered now after years of having an ED and I can honestly say this show has been amazing for me, believe it or not, in going through the recovery process after being so restrictive about food for so long. I had never heard of any of your blogs way back in the beginning but now I read them all the time and have really grown to love this podcast and the dynamic you guys have. I’ve listened to every show (several of them multiple times on road trips or whatever just because they’re hilarious) and always love seeing that notification come up on my podcast app even couple weeks.


    1. You listen to episodes multiple times!? You’re hardcore! Thanks for the support!

  2. Congratulations on 100 episodes guys! I look forward to each one, and never fail to get a few good laughs in on my way to work that day.

    P.S. I proud to say I correctly guessed the candy cousin of the Whatchamacallit was the Thingamajig.

    P.P.S. Be nicer to Dubba

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