Episode 74: Mystery Product

In this episode we talk about a new [REDACTED] flavor you haven’t heard of yet. Okay, actually we talk about three new [REDACTED] varieties you haven’t heard of yet. Oh, plus Eric is in Vegas so we have Jeeg from the Nerd Lunch Podcast filling in for him.

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  1. Ryan — When you were talking about all the combinations Taco Bell has done, there was literally nobody listening who wasn’t thinking about the Taco Town sketch from SNL… or maybe Cheesy Blasters from 30 rock.

    Marvo — Pineapple Oreos…. keeping hope alive. At this point they just have to come out with them so I can try them, be disappointed, and move on. Maybe they’ll have to call it Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, since they’re so fond of cakes.

    Dubba — The fact that this episode wasn’t titled “Fudge Factor” constitutes criminal negligence.

  2. FYI, there was a Strawberry Shortcake series of films in the 1980s. There was actually one with a bake-off using strawberry gum. (Don’t worry, if you don’t rush out to get the VHS tapes, don’t worry…you aren’t missing too much, although to a young girl, they were excellent)

    How about a cannoli Oreo? Cannoli wonton-like wafer with a sweet ricotta filling and maybe a few mini chocolate chips? If it happens, you heard it here first folks…

  3. At what point is an Oreo no longer an Oreo? Go too far and isn’t it just a sandwich cookie? Or is it just all about the name? That said, what about combining the coconut with your pineapple suggestion and gave a pina colada “Oreo”?

  4. I appreciate your clever redacting of the Oreo name in the show’s summary.
    Bwahahaha at Dubba’s opening line – I loved it!
    I didn’t really notice how gross the Fudgsicle candy caners were until you guys mentioned it. Now I can’t stop staring at them in horror!
    NOOOOOOSH Strawberry Shortcake Oreos! Damn Oreos and their delicious new flavors!
    I also love the ending. I miss the days when there would be a funny quip or noise from Dubba. Thanks Jeeg!

  5. I know this might sound strange but i take this podcast to the dentists with me while wearing my dads huge headphones. i’ve had like 12-16 fillings done since January. My mouth is a mess, possibly from bad brushing habits, possibly from junk food. I’ve got an extraction this month and the oral surgeon told me it would be cheaper if i forgo the knockout gas. I need more nosh show episodes to drown out the drilling. In all seriousness, thanks for producing a podcast that calms me down in that waiting room and in that chair. I’d pay you guys to make more if my insurance covered it.

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