Episode 68: The Dark Side

In this episode, we discuss Kellogg’s Jif PB&J Strawberry Cereal, new McDonald’s burgers available on in Chicago, 7-Eleven Oreo Hot Chocolate, and Star Wars Ice Cream. Plus, we go on a tangent about eating food in the store before paying for it.

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  1. I was laughing to myself (I must have looked crazy laughing in public if no one could see my earbud) so much when you were discussing paying for a half eaten banana and finding a loaf of bread in the freezer section. And then I happened to see people trying to buy two half finished cans of iced tea and the cashier said they were having trouble runging up because they were open…not sure how the scanner knew this! Dubba mentioned grape eaters but don’t deny that you probably taste grapes on occasion…

    1. HA! I never cheat! Though I have come close once or twice when running a little too low on calories. We just checked out the new grocery store in the area tonight and everyone was eating in the aisles, it was driving me nuts!

  2. Don’t fear, Marvo. Apparently the Sodastream Cream Soda has always been horrible. I’m not a cream soda drinker, but both of my sons are, and they never finished the first bottle made. Looks like the reformulating didn’t help that one along, but there are still tons of great sodas.

    1. I do like the Mountain Dew ripoff, the Dr Pepper ripoff, and the energy drinks. The colas I can tolerate if I add a packet of Stevia. Sadly, our Bed Bath and Beyond doesn’t carry many flavors.

  3. When I was around 20 I was drunk or stoned in the grocery store one night at 2:30am and ate a chocolate chocolate chip muffin in the aisles, then got too embarrassed to pay for a muffin wrapper and left. To my credit, I didn’t just leave the wrapper on a random shelf, which I have seen people do before. Generally when I see that kind of thing I think — oh my god, people animals! — but every so often I remember that time I stole a muffin, and I’m reminded that I’m really no better. Looking back on it, they would have almost certainly thrown that muffin away in another couple hours, but I had a four year stretch at catholic school, so my brain is hard-wired for guilt.

  4. So, I tried the Oreo hot chocolate from 7-11 after hearing about it on this episode. I’m not sure I can recommend a beverage that has the consistency of old motor oil (especially the bottom 1/3 of the cup, I practically had to chew it). Great show as always guys.

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