Episode 69: The Light Side

In this episode we talk about Sriracha Greek Yogurt, Sriracha Cheez-Its, gigantic cocoa puffs, holiday beverages from Coke Freestyle machines, and a follow up on $40 Star Wars Ice Cream. Also, CT from the Nerd Lunch Podcast fills in for Dubba in this episode.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

Follow Up

Nosh or Not

Nosh or Not of the Week


  1. Is it me or does CT from the Nerd Lunch podcast sound like Yoda? I love how you guys make fun of Dubba’s absence and the comment about the Pillsbury doughboy carrying the lame apple slice. I’m glad you guys didn’t have such a huge absence from the show like you did a few times ago 🙂

  2. The only time I’ve ever had ice cream shipped to me at the kind of expense Ryan just paid was when Vosges had four uniquely flavored pints which were only available at their shops (and as I found out later, some Whole Foods locations.) One of the flavors was coconut curry, which was a pretty big factor in my purchasing decision. Some flavors were better than others, but they were all much better tasting and a much better value than their $6-8 chocolate bars.

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