Episode 65: Aftermath

In this episode we reveal a new Chips Ahoy flavor. We also talk about another Oreo, another Taco Bell item, and another Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Oh, and Eric is absent from this episode, but previous guest Maria from Sometimes Foodie fills in for him. (WARNING: We talk a little bit about poop in this episode thanks to the Halloween Whopper. It starts at the 11:35 mark and ends at 15:35.)

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  1. Speaking of “the aftermath,” I remember the mint green colored Fruity Pebbles (I can’t remember the flavor, birthday cake maybe?) that made my poop alarmingly green also!

  2. This is funny timing…I didn’t listen to the episodes in order since I “came late” to this podcast, so after listening to 65, I happened to listen to the original watermelon oreo discussion (7) and Ryan, you did indeed hate them!

  3. On the topic of oreo ltos vs popeyes ltos

    With popeyes I know where to find them
    With oreo it’s a craps shoot as to what store may have them.

    And with popeyes ltos there is usually a definitive date I know there going away by and I need to try before then if I want it.

    1. Sorry. Didn’t record one last week. But we’re recording a new one this week, which will come out on Sunday.

  4. Not that you need more “aftermath” comments but did anyone else find it ironic that, in the discussion of new Oreos vs. new fast food items, Maria said that, with fast food, you eat it and it’s over…given the discussion in this episode, I found that to be a funny comment because, as you all said, apparently with this burger, it wasn’t…

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