Episode 66: Lettuce in the Trash Can

In this episode, we discuss two Wendy’s test products, new Pop-Tarts, new Oreo cookies, pickle-flavored ice pops, and much more.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

What We’re Drinking (starting at 00:56)

Follow Up (starting at 09:13)

Nosh or Not (starting at 21:10)

Nosh or Not of the Week (starting at 43:20)


  1. Ryan – You were subconsciously remembering the McDonald’s Sweet Chili Wrap, which does not have a pickle, but does have a slice of cucumber. They don’t call it “thai,” but it does have sweet thai chili sauce on it (unless McD’s rebranded that Special Asian Sauce.) As for sandwiches coming with one too many toppings, I never looked at that as a bad thing… it lets you choose the most objectionable ingredient and special order without it. That way you’re sure they just made it, and it’ll be hot. I guess that’s one small occupational hazard of being a reviewer, you have to order their default offering at least once.

    Marvo – Did you ever go to Jim’s Apple Barn when you were up here visiting the SPAM museum? If the answer is no, that probably seems like a pretty random question. It’s a big yellow barn that reads “Worlds Largest Soda Shop / Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store / 155 Kinds of Root Beer, 87 Kinds of Licorice” etc. I’ve lived in the state all my life, and I’d never heard of it until last month. I’ve been inspired by all you guys’ soda picks to go see what’s available, apparently they have over 800 kinds. Gonna make the trip sometime before they close for the season. Any favorites I should try?

    And for the episode tie-in, their yelp profile features a photo of Larry the Cable Guy brand Southern & Biscuits Gravy potato chips, as well as the Ranch Dressing and Bacon sodas.

  2. Why no soda on the podcast Dubba?

    Which would you each choose for post-run? That pickle ice or the pizza gel product from lad winter? Both sound terrible!

  3. Enjoyed the use of the transitive property Marvo…if hydrox are better than Oreo thins and Oreo thins are better than regular Oreos, then by the transitive property, hydrox are better than regular Oreos.

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