Episode 50: Evilly and Cheesity

In this episode, Eric and Dubba praise Cheetos Sweetos and Ryan and Marvo praise Taco Bell’s Sriracha Quesarito. They also discuss Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights, Peeps-flavored milk, Cotton Candy Oreo cookies, the world’s most expensive scoop of ice cream, and much more.

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  1. Nearly every time you guys start an episode you can hear cop’s sirens in the background. Is someone living in a prison, or Compton? haha

  2. I subscribe to almost 20 podcasts, and this has become my new favorite. You guys really put together a fun show. I only started listening in September, and now I’m burning through the back episodes.

    On the topic of savory flavors in ice cream, there’s a national chain of Gelaterias that Dubba might be familiar with called Paciugo. On their website they list an Orange Saffron flavor, as well as Black Sesame, Black Olive, Black Pepper Olive Oil, and Guinness. Last time I visited their Mall of America location, they even had Goldfish Crackers flavor, and the local micro-brewery’s Surly Coffee Bender.

    1. Thanks for listening! That list of flavors looks like a list of flavors Dubba would avoid. 🙂

    2. yeah, i’m kind of afraid…. ok, a lot afraid. Apparently there is one in Mass but it’s on the UMass-Amherst campus (not really convenient)

  3. After listening to this its got me thinking, has there ever been a peeps ice cream? It makes total sense as a cross over product since a lot of people love to freeze peeps and eat them. Plus it just sounds really, really good.

    1. I don’t think so. But a quick Google search led me to Peeps ice cream recipes that involve dismembering Peeps.

    2. Gelato Fiasco has a peeps holiday flavor and a toasted peeps flavor in the shops, but nothing available in the freezer aisle. Cadbury Cream Egg Ice Cream is also a thing, but not in the states.

  4. In response to international M&M’s comparing to US M&M’s: The Vanilla Shake M&M’s are amazing and have a strong vanilla flavor despite being milk chocolate. They are basically what the Birthday Cake M&M’s should have been.

  5. I thought it was funny that Dubba used the word “evil” to describe the brownie batter donuts. I have described really rich chocolate cake as “evil” on multiple occasions. I always mean that it is AMAZINGLY GOOD (which for me means super fudgy).

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