Episode 49: Snacknado

In this episode, we talk about Little Caesars’ Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish Pizza, Taco Bell’s Sriracha Quesarito, Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough Ice Cream, and Baskin-Robbin’s Snacknado. We also share our opinions about the new Girl Scout cookies and the latest Häagen-Dazs and Edy’s flavors.

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What We’re Drinking

Follow Up

Nosh or Not

Nosh or Not of the Week


    1. Hi Jeni: There’s no way to directly download the MP3 file onto your MP3 player. What you’ll probably have to do is right-click the “download the MP3 file” link above and download it to your computer, then add it to WMP, and then sync your MP3 player with WMP. Sorry it’s such a hassle, but I don’t think WMP has support for podcasts.

    2. If your portable MP3 player doesn’t require Windows Media Player to sync content (assuming it mounts like a external disk drive when connected via USB) you could use an alternate desktop application like gPodder, HermesPod, Juice, or Miro to download your podcasts, and set the default save location in your MP3 player’s file system. There may even be some Chrome plugins that help you do this.

      Unless you’re really attached to the form factor of this MP3 player, I’d look at buying a prepaid cell phone and just using it as a WiFi-enabled media player. Carriers and MVNOs heavily subsidize these prepaid phones, and while they are locked to a specific carrier, you can use them as a media player without any carrier service. You can buy an AT&T Lumia 635 for $50 and a Boost Mobile LG Realm or Virgin Mobile LG Tribute for $40. All have MicroSD card slots to store lots of music and podcast content. They’re three of the best selling phones on Amazon for this reason. Even if you already have a decent cell phone, it’s nice to have a cheapie as a dedicated media player that you don’t have to worry about breaking or draining the battery of.

  1. Yet another episode where Ryan starts the show by mumbling and whispering into his mic. I love the show and like all 4 of you. I do like Ryan and his thoughts and opinions. I have been listening since episode 2 was out. Also i have turned a few people onto this show. But i just can’t deal with 1 out of 4 hosts whispering. I can barely hear him most of the time. I hope he fixes it and talks louder or gets closer to the mic. I’ll check the next few episodes. But if it dosent change I will have to unsubscribe.

    1. Marvo here! I apologize for that. I’m going to, hopefully, fix things by sending him a microphone stand so his mic is closer to his face.

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