Episode 31: Crazy Buns


In this episode, we chew over another 2014 Oreo release, another 2014 Mountain Dew release, new products from the 2014 Sweet & Snacks Expo, and we replace the Nosh of the Week segment with something new.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

Follow Up

Nosh or Not

Nosh or Not (2014 Sweet & Snacks Expo Edition)

Our Last Bites


  1. Great episode guys! I feel like it’s one of the funniest ones yet! I loved the Last Bites episode, I felt it added a nice change!

  2. This was a very funny episode. Loved the bit about losing Jack in the Box virginity.

  3. Great show, guys! I always have to make sure I listen when no one else is around, otherwise I scare people by randomly bursting into giggles!

    You guys have to try those Reese’s Oreos. They are awesome! Half the cream is chocolate and half is Reese’s peanut butter. I was skeptical about how “Reese’s” these would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised! These really do taste like a peanut butter cup was squished between the Oreo wafers! Yum yum! The Kroger stores down here in Texas got them in this past weekend.

  4. Yeah, the Five Hour Energy selling point was always “hours of energy, with the caffeine of “about” a cup of coffee”.

    I like replacing the Nosh/Not of the week, but I think that the segment could combine a bit with the opening segment. Still give an idea of what you really liked or didn’t about previously talked about products.

    It looks like they might be targeting the home market too with the Pepsi Spire stuff, sort of similar to a Keurig or other coffee brewers. I’ll always be a Coke guy, but I’d probably try Diet Sierra Mist with both Raspberry Lime and Cherry Vanilla flavors.

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