Episode 30: Cheetos Are Wonderful Chasers

Deer Hunter

In this episode, we discuss McDonald’s testing new fry seasonings, a revived Pop-Tarts flavor, playing Doritos Roulette, and our Nots of the Week.

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Follow Up

Nosh or Not

Nots of the Week


  1. Dubba, you haven’t had such a vile reaction since the Dunkin coolata incident some years back. So funny, I love you guys!

    1. Yeah, this milksplash stuff is a concentrated version of the coolatta incident, except this time I was smart enough not to drink it.

  2. This would’ve been the perfect episode to have me on. Not only am I a business major with a marketing concentration, Upstate, NY is a test market for Dunkin and was the test market when Friendly’s was re-branding itself.

  3. Wait, the guacamole burgers/sandwiches at McDonald’s are for test markets only? I saw those at my McDonald’s, and had no idea that it was something that was in limited locations.

    Doritos Roulette would be an awesome segment. Make it happen!

  4. Watching all those Impulsive Buy videos over the years stapled Marvo’s description of Peel-A-Pop consumption to saucy music in my head, and I feel worse for it. (By which I mean better.)

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