Episode 76: Too Much Fiber

In this episode we explore Baskin-Robbins’ upcoming Polar Pizzas, two future Chips Ahoy flavors, Fiber One Ice Cream, Ryan’s time spent at Baskin-Robbins’ headquarters, and much more.

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  1. There was a place in MA (and maybe elsewhere) a few years ago and perhaps it still exists. It came about during the cupcake trend and I think it was called shotcakes…they injected soft serve into cupcakes. I never tried it but it sounds great and maybe that is what Dubba was thinking of when he thought Ryan’s donut idea existed.

    1. I was referring to the fact that I’ve been making ice cream filled donuts for three years on tumblr. http://breakfastsundae.tumblr.com/tagged/donut
      I’m glad Baskin has caught up with me, it’s about time! (I know of a couple of places in NYC that have been doing it for awhile as well)

      Oh, and ShotCakes is located at the Burlington Mall: http://www.onsecondscoop.com/2012/03/on-location-at-shotcakes.html
      also spied their single server cupcakes in the freezer aisle at Roche Bros but they have since disappeared.

      1. Hi Bo, I meant the single serve freezer aisle offerings have disappeared, not shotcakes itself, sorry for the confusion.

  2. Almost spit my drink out when Dubba yelled NO! at the mention of Fiber One ice cream 😉
    Dubba, you should make a homemade ice cream pizza like you did with the homemade pizza/cookie and post it!
    Those white powdered donuts remind me of the Entenmann’s variety pack where you eat all the other ones and are stuck with the white powdered ones at the end – at least I know what to do with them now! haha

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