Episode 60: Eat More Reubens

In this episode, find out which of the four Lay’s Do Us a Flavor finalists we’d nosh. We also share our thoughts about Oreo Thins and Limited Edition Key Lime Oreo Cookies.

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What We’re Drinking

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Nosh or Not

Nosh or Not of the Week


  1. After listening to your podcast yesterday, I walked into work today and there sat a bag of the Lays Truffle chips! I tried them at once, and they DO NOT taste like truffles. They taste like a slightly zingier (maybe 5%) version of a sour cream and onion. They were just ok – I wouldn’t buy them!

  2. I have never heard anyone say that food “wears them down” and Dubba says it all the time! Does it mean they get boring or do they literally make you feel worn out???

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