Episode 110: I Tried Tropickles and Survived

Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco, Apple Pie Oreo Cookies, Cheeseburger Cheez-Its, a quick tangent about Chris’ favorite pretzel, and much more.

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  1. Trying to decide if I should be totally amused or totally disturbed by Dubba’s story of being force-fed PBJs as a child…

  2. When you guys were talking about using hash browns instead of the egg to make a sandwich, I immediately thought of Jimmy Deans new stuffed hash browns.

    1. Have you tried those hash browns? They sound great but look gross on the package…

      Please review them for the reviewer.

  3. Try the taco, you won’t regret it. It must have been testing a few months back here in Michigan, I tried the bacon and the sausage, and was quite impressed. I really enjoyed the Country Gravy breakfast crunchwrap they had, but to me, the sausage naked egg taco beat it to become my favorite TB breakfast item. Bacon one wasn’t as good, still worth a try.

  4. I bought the Glutino pretzels to see if Chris was over-hyping them. Now I can’t stop eating them. How are these so good?!

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