The Nosh Show: Episode 11

Nosh show 11

In this episode, Dubba goes crazy over Taco Bell Dessert Kits, Marvo admits he’s a Yoplait Pumpkin Spice yogurt hater, Ryan won’t eat grapes that don’t taste like grapes, Eric eats chocolate that pops, and they all try SpaghettiOs CheeseburgerOs.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

Nosh or Not

Unnamed Segment We’re Not Sure What To Call

Nosh of the Week


  1. Get outta here, not one Nosh for the Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger? As soon as my company physical next week’s behind me and I’m free to consume sodium with abandon, I’m on the scene.

    Also, you should call that on-air tasting bit Icedus Rules. Rolls right off the tongue. (Not entirely unlike CheeseburgerOs.)

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