The End

Marvo here.

I have bad news.

After 112 episodes, The Nosh Show is going away.

The reason why is that I need to focus all my attention on my writing and The Impulsive Buy. I’ve recently accepted a freelance gig with a local food/culture site here in Hawaii to make a little more money and there are a bunch of ideas for TIB that I want to do to take it to the next level. But in order to do that, I can’t spend the time and money to produce The Nosh Show.

I contacted Ryan, Dubba, and Chris about this and they’ve been very supportive and understanding of my decision. I enjoyed talking to those guys, Eric, and all the guests we’ve had on the show. It was fun and I’m very thankful they all agreed to be a part of it.

To close, on behalf of all the hosts, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve listened to us, whether you’ve been following us for years, months, or weeks. But it’s not a goodbye since many of you read our blogs or follow us on social media. I’d also like to say that I’m sorry that there’s this abrupt ending to the show. Thanks again for all the support.

Good night, Eric.


  1. I enjoyed listening to you guys and really hate to see it end. I had a feeling something was up when I didn’t see a new episode posted today. Any chance the other guys could keep the podcast going? Perhaps Chris could start the Junk Banter podcast and bring along the other guys? I need a junk food podcast 🙁

  2. You guys had such great chemistry. Maybe consider doing The Nosh Show once a month or once every two months. No pressure.

  3. I’ve been dreading this, but completely understand. Good luck with your new venture — hope we get to see some if that work as well!

  4. Now who will cater to my entertainment wishes? Bing Crosby? Mr T? Cher? I am in a deep depression over this.

    1. Netflix? Amazon Prime shows? Maybe I can convince Dubba to do a show doing impressions of Bing Crosby, Mr. T., and Cher. If I could turn back time…

        1. Hey Dubba, what’s your mailing address so I can send you a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and some Del Scorcho sauce


  5. Is there a reason someone else could not take it on? Going to miss this show. Something different in my podcast feed other than tech podcasts.

  6. Oh no! I’ve also been with you guys from the beginning and this is terrible news for me! So sad too see the show end but good luck with everything else! Like others have said, I hope the show will find its way back in the future.

  7. Really enjoyed your shows, sorry to see it end. I live on a small island where we don’t get much variety in our shops, so your podcast was my way of vicariously tasting the latest Oreos 🙂 best wishes

  8. Wow.

    Sad to see it go, as I’m sure a lot of other people are too. Was wondering why there hadn’t been one in a while, ha!

    In any case, I appreciate the countless hours of entertainment and information. Glad you’re continuing to do Theimpulsivebuy, however.

    I guess I’ll have to go drown my sorrows in a durian McFlurry 😉

    Best wishes Marvo.

    PS. Have you seen the Zombie Frappuccino yet?!

  9. You’ll be missed boys – love the show since day 1!

    All the best with your new venture! I’ll continue to compulsively visit all of your websites! 🙂

    Bye Eric!

  10. I’m devastated! I just found you a couple of months ago and replay episodes every night during sleep. Its comforting to wake up to you all conversing about junk food – something my husband and coworkers can’t understand. I’ve become an 1893 addict and am converting others. Thanks for all the info and laughs. You’ll be missed. Adios Eric.

  11. I’m sorry to see the show end. It was one of my favorite podcasts. You will all be missed on my iPod but I will definitely keep up on your blogs and IGs! Best wishes to you all.

  12. Why was Marvo even producing and editing the show anyway? Why couldn’t he throw that gig to someone making $15 an hour? You don’t have to micro-manage every little thing… you can just be a guest and help form the rundown.

    This is really disappointing but not all that unexpected. The number of times I wanted to shake Dubba for saying he’d only try something once it went on clearance. Depriving everyone of your review over the $1.50 you save by waiting two months. You’re a panelist on a junk food podcast… take that seriously! Ryan was always hilarious and had great insights, but then again he slept through half the episodes… seemed like he wasn’t taking it that seriously either. The dynamic between Eric and Dubba was great… too bad that had to end when he was the first casualty of life’s other responsibilities. Chris obviously takes this seriously, and the only thing that softens the blow is that he posts to the @junkbanter snapchat regularly. I guess that’s gonna have to be my fix from now on. I’d love to see him as part of a new show with some of the big personalities from Instagram. @poweredbyicecream comes to mind.

  13. I was pretty bummed when we cancelled the show, but you know what? I’m tired of blowing money on crappy food. What’s the point of trying another blah Oreo or another artificially flavored whatever? You know what I was enjoying the other night? A fresh bag of salty chips. No pumpkin. No peppermint. No mocha. No cocoa. Just salty potato chips and it was glorious. I’m walking by junk I would have tried for the show and it’s liberating to just keep on walking. I’m saving money and my health. I’m not running around on every lunch break, burning gas and time, just to finally find these mediocre snacks that get more social media traction than they deserve. I’m honored that I got the chance to make people happy, but I’m shocked at how nice it has been to go back to simpler times. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this nonsense.

    P.S. I still know how to rant!
    P.S.S. I miss Eric always going “Dubba…..”

  14. OMG, I’m so sad to find out the news that my favorite podcast ended! I enjoyed the great chemistry and segments weekly for over a year and a half! I follow everyone on social media,but hearing the show brought everything to life more and you all will be greatly missed. Good luck to everyone on their future projects.

  15. Can you bring back the Nosh show one last time for a 2018 Goodnight Eric finale?

    What do you think? A one-off send off 2017 review/goodbye

    It still feels unsettled

  16. Thanks for the show. I really enjoyed it and I hope you all are successful with other endeavors.

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