Episode 19: Nog or Not?

Come'on, which brand did you *think* I'd go with??

In this episode, we answer holiday product questions, like nog or not? We also discuss Pringles Tortillas, Chex Chips, fizzing cereal, and our Noshes of the Week.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

Nosh or Not

Let’s Chew on This

Nosh of the Week


  1. Just had to share my favorite Christmas cookie that you guys didn’t mention. I love making (and eating!) classic spritz cookies. These are small, buttery cookies decorated with festive sugars, candy decorations, and cinnamon imperials. I love them with a bit of almond extract in the dough. They take a bit more work to make them in the holiday shapes, but it’s just not Christmas without them!

    Also, I gotta side with Dubba on the nog or not debate. Can’t stand the texture either!

    Thanks for making my work day go by faster! Love the show!

    1. Thanks for listening! We are glad we make an hour of your work day go by faster. If we had a time machine, we’d make it go by even faster. 🙂

  2. 1st comment here in the CORRECT place; long time listener.
    Nog. Tho I typically do it in shots via from the carton.
    In regards on mint milk, on my personal experience, mint hot chocolate was just so gross I couldn’t even finish it.
    I would say Domino’s really improved their former pizza, which I thought was horrible & easily the worst of the national chains; dog food sausage, cheap on the cheese & a crummy airy dough that reminds me a lot of Little Caesar’s. But I still avoid both of these & would rather splurge on a much better local pizzeria. Cheap pizza & imitation pizza flavored snacks is not something I think should be skimped on. It’s either quality ingredients or nothing.

  3. I think that particular part of the cookie banter is the first time this show’s made me giggle like an idiot.

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