Episode 95: The Most Curmudgeonly Junk Food Show

Hostess Ice Cream, Red Velvet Kit Kat, another cinnamon cereal, McDonald’s Breakfast Chicken Sandwiches, and much more.

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  1. You’re right, Marvo. Pebbles is definitely preferred over Krispies, although the Rice Krispie Treat Rice Krispies (do they still make those?) are fabulous.

    And if McDonald’s plans on being serious with this Chicken business (I love a good chicken breakfast sandwich) they have to bring back the Southern patty for it. It was definitely worthy of being called a poor man’s Chik Fil A sandwich.

  2. Dubba, I totally got the “Let It Snow” reference 😉 Sadly, I never tried Gingerbread Twix. I’m a little saddened, you guys didn’t provide a link to the HD layered ice cream. I would def nosh on all the new flavors, even though I do agree about the quality of the Hostess ice cream.

  3. I live in one of the test markets for the Chicken McGriddle and it is just a McChicken patty on a McGriddle, it’s disappointing.

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