Episode 94: Trader Joe’s Gift Ideas

It’s another episode with the folks from What’s Good at Trader Joe’s. Since it’s gift giving season, they share their favorite Trader Joe’s gift ideas.

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Here are links to the products mentioned in the show:

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  1. Ahhhhh these Trader Joe’s episodes are so so hard to listen to. 3 “specialists” talking about Trader Joe’s products but actually have no real information about them. “Maybe”, “like”, “I don’t know exactly” and “I’m not sure” are the most frequently used words. I came to the website to find the notes on the stuff they talked about so I can do my own research because instead of being informative (I’m not even reaching for enjoyable listening here. It goes flying out the window when any of the guests start stumbling over words. I just want some Xmas gift ideas), I’m walking away frustrated, confused and annoyed.
    I love these podcast series but these 3 people that do this TJ episodes are horrible.

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