Episode 91: Girl Scout Cookies Are Overrated

Girl Scouts Cookies cereals, Sugar Cookie Pringles, Caramel M&M’s, Cinnamon Roll Fudge Stripes Cookies, and much more.

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  1. I’ve tried both the Big and regular sized Reeses PB Cups with the pieces in them, and the larger cup does make a difference! I just saw them yesterday at Walmart in the 8 items or less checkout register. I agree with the Girl Scout sentiment – I stopped buying them when they shrunk them. I find the Nestle candy Thin Mint and Samoas candy bar to taste the same and a fraction of the cost. Dubba, do not fear! Perdue makes dinosaur shaped nuggets, I buy them all the time! I use ketchup and make them fight as Ii eat them. Yup I’m 33 going on 4 haha. I definitey think Pepperidge Farm did a Cinnamon Roll cookie because I remember buying them. They did them around the same time they did Smores.

    1. Ha, yeah, we buy the perdue dinos sometimes but only when the store is out of perdue popcorn chicken nuggets…. so many packages consumed.

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