Episode 84: Airport Salad

Two new s’mores Girl Scout Cookies we have to wait months for, butterscotch M&M’s, more craft sodas from Pepsi, Domino’s salads, and much more.

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  1. Eric, your review of the Swedish Fish Oreos was hilarious! I’m the same way: they sound awful but it only makes me want to try them more! The way Oreos has been churning new flavors out, I’m calling them Whore-Eos 😉 haha
    As for your Dominos salad conversation, I’m pretty sure they offered the classic garden salad back in the day, because I remember eating it. It would’ve been 18 years or so ago.

  2. Boo-tterscotch M&M’s, $3.19 for an 8oz bag. Taking a page from Oreo… smaller bag for the same price. The one review on YouTube, the review on Junk Banter, and the one comment on Impulsive Buy are dead-on… they taste like butterscotch pudding. Further proof that the most successful limited edition flavors are white chocolate based.

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