Episode 82: Brazilian Piranha

Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies in stores, Domino’s BurgerPizza, Lay’s International Summer Olympic Flavors, ANOTHER new Oreo flavor, and much more.

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  1. Dubba I know how you feel – I have one working ac in my house. I have also fantasized about living in the freezer 😉 I too got the molasses vibe with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreos. I liked them, but agree with the wrong labelling. The Szechuan chips sound intriguing! I had to lol at the Brazilian Piranha statement. The Swedish fish Oreos sound horrifying. I would try them anyway but with no expectations. I’m glad they stuck with the chocolate standard Oreo wafer because there has been a huge departure with the limited edition flavors lately. Dubba I was thinking – Choctal could expand their line and do that with pretty much any flavor. It reminds me of wines where they specify the region.

  2. Everyone should boycott the new Oreos…then maybe they will stop with this nonsense.
    Didn’t some company make an ice cream with peices of churros a few years ago? They could do it with twinkles…likely would be similar to the ones with cake peices or strawberry shortcake, right? I think Breyers may have done that.

    Any thought of doing a live podcast where people can call in?

    1. I know a few years back Turkey Hill did a churros ice cream, it was delicious!

  3. My friend’s favorite candy is Swedish Fish. I bought him a bottle of Pinnacle’s “Gummy” vodka, which has a the distinct likeness of a Swedish Fish on the bottle. It was pretty gross, and tough to find something to mix it with to make it taste better. I definitely never considered chocolate…

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