Episode 81: Oreo Double Stuff Thins

Chips Ahoy Thins, Carl’s Jr.’s Budweiser burger, Crystal Pepsi, Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos reviews, Eric causing trouble at the Summer Fancy Food Show, Dubba melting, and much more.

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  1. Nutter Butters are Nabisco, right? I think a thin version of those would be phenomenal. And it’s too bad Dubba wasn’t on the show. Thinking he might be the kind to vote for Taco Bell and Panda Express, lol.

  2. Another great show, guys! One note – as far as the local best restaurant voting, it’s usually based on who spends the most ad money with the local media outlet, whether it be a newspaper, TV channel, radio station, etc. Thus why we always see Taco Bell and Papa John’s at the top. Frowny face.

  3. I was laughing when Eric asked “do we like Carl’s Jr.?” As though you are one brain. So funny.

    This seemed like a good episode for no Dubba as I bet he would have given huge NOTs to most products.

    I could maybe see pretzels dipped in sweet hummus or maybe those cookie sticks…or animal or graham crackers? But I object to the concept anyway.

    I just saw the voting for my area…yes, disgraceful. When the best bagel in the Boston area is rated from Dunkin Donuts, you know the voters are not to be trusted when it comes to food! (Not that we have ones that even rival New York but DD???)

  4. Every time Eric talks about the fancy food show, I think of the simpsons episode where they go to the candy convention and steal the gummy venus de milo.

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