Episode 80: Wimpy Lay’s

Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos, Cinnamon Donut Chips Ahoy Cookies, Lay’s Beer ‘n Brats Potato Chips, our reviews of the new Oreo flavors, and much more.

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  1. If we’re going to stay on the cereal route, Oreo, then I demand a Capt’n Crunch version, both with and without Crunchberries. And the cream on the Cocoa Pebbles Oreos has to taste like the milk after eating said Cocoa Pebbles.

    Completely agree with Ryan on the sturdier chip rule. Everything Lay’s comes out with from now on either needs to be a Wavy, a Ruffle or a Kettle Cooked chip. As good as the Reuben and the Biscuits and Gravy chips were last year, they would have been that much better Kettle Cooked.

    1. But will the Cap’n Crunch cookie also rip up the inside of our mouths? That would give it authenticity.

  2. I’ve missed you guys so much! Never leave us again!! The Cinnamon Donut Chips Ahoy look amazing! I need to eat the Chips Ahoy lineup like I’ve been chasing the Oreo craze! I tried the Fruity Crisp oreos and felt the same about the sweteness. I wonder if they would turn your poop colors like the elusive green Fruit Pebbles did? I had the Red Velvet Chips Ahoy. I thought they were very sweet but basically were ok. Also funny was Eric’s outrage of the crunchy Donut Chip’s Ahoy vs the chewy 🙂 I’m shocked you guys didn’t title the episode Crabby Balls!

    1. For the record, it came down to Crab Balls and Wimpy Lay’s when I was deciding the title. I guess I picked the wrong title.

  3. I’m keeping an eye out for the Orange Creampop Cap’n Crunch! The Yummy Mummy a few years back was an orange cream cereal and it was my favorite of the monster cereals that year.

  4. So happy to get to listen to you guys during my walk!

    The thing I don’t understand is when things are described as “donut flavored”…isn’t the donut the type of item and then it is in turn flavored by other things??

    What struck me about the captain crunch discussion was the skim milk issue…do we really think that the skim milk people and the captain crunch people are the same people? To me that seems like the Big Mac, fries, but Diet Coke people (and yes, I know about diabetes, but no diabetic should be eating the former two items either!) not judging…just thought it was a funny contrast.

    How about putting the orange captain crunch on vanilla ice cream??? Dubba?

    I think someone once mentioned a combo Oreo pack…wouldn’t it be great to have those packs like they used to (still do?) make for kids’ lunches…Fritos, Doritos, etc. but with Oreos?

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