Episode 79: Diet Snickers

Two new Oreo flavors (sorry, folks tired of us talking about Oreo cookies), Starburst Ice Cream Jelly Beans, Pizza Hut’s s’mores cookie, a new Snickers bar, and much more.

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  1. Okay, Oreos are ridiculous. At what point are they no longer Oreos and just some sort of cream between two cookie-type products? I think that time has since passed. I don’t actually care as I last ate Oreos about five years ago but I just think it’s silly! That said, it is fun to hear about the new varieties (I just think they are really Oreos any longer) and with the mention of pie flavors…it is surprising that there hasn’t been an orchard peach flavor. Vanilla wafers with a peach cream…they’d be pretty too.

    Since blueberry muffins were mentioned, this may sound weird but the best muffins are in the stop and shop bakery. Seriously. Get them fresh and the lemon poppy and blueberry varieties are great.

    I want to find that Empower mint!

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