Episode 72: Cake My Day

In this episode, we have conversations about Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses, Root Beer Pop-Tarts, non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s, and a few other new products. Also, Ryan and Marvo share their thoughts about Taco Bell’s much-hyped Quesalupa and we go on short tangents about Milky Way vs. Snickers and collecting packaging.

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  1. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the new Ben & Jerry’s almond milk-based ice creams compare to the almond milk-based ice creams from So Delicious and Almond Dream (especially since those brands have been around for a while now).

  2. Great episode guys, look forward to these new ones. I’m all caught up on your content! Can’t wait to try those carrot cake kisses

  3. I tried the filled cupcake oreo thought it was ok, the flavor did wane after a few cookies. Like Eric I actually said WHAT? in unison with him when someone mentioned someone liked these better than the Cinnomon Bun ones. I bought the PB cookies B&J today and paid full price $5.69. Can’t wait to try it later 🙂
    Mocking Dubba calling him a nerd and hoarder was hilarious!

  4. My favorite Hershey’s Kiss was Irish Creme, but they haven’t made that in at least five years. The last year I remember seeing them they were on this sad little end cap in Target by the stationary, with some St Patrick’s Day party decorations. If they put them up front, or worked them in with the Easter candy, I’m sure they’d sell better. I’ll keep hope alive. Other favorites — Candy Cane, Caramel Apple, Coconut Creme, and Pumpkin Spice. Excited to try the Carrot Cake.

    On Milky Way — I agree, I’d never choose a Milky Way over a Snickers, but people in other parts of the world don’t like peanuts as much as Americans do. The U.K. Mars bar is very popular internationally, and it’s basically a Milky Way. I prefer the Snickers Almond, which is what I think of as a Mars bar (from back in the day…)

  5. I think Burger King’s done an all-around excellent job of ruining lettuce for everybody. I like to throw Hearts of Romaine on burgers I make myself for the contrast of textures, but I’ll agree that it’s pretty rare for the stuff to be a game-changer on fast food. I can’t immediately think of anything aside from the Black Bean Burger at Wendy’s where I’d miss it.

  6. You guys are like the Seinfeld of fast food! You manage to put into words things that are true but that I never would have said…like the fact that no one buys milky ways or in another episode, Eric said that all of the hostess cakes (like the hohos) are all the same, but some more stale than others. So funny!

    What does it take to be a guest on this show???

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