Episode 55: McCouscous

This week, we’re talking about McDonald’s Red Velvet McFlurry, Olive Garden’s Breadstick Sandwiches, McDonald’s Kale Salad Bowls, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s The Most American Thickburger, and much more.

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  1. Speaking of the Most American Thickburger: I am 100% out of the supposed demographic for this product (54 year old woman), but I can’t WAIT to nosh this. I pot the release date into my calendar so I won’t forget!

    I’ve been eating homemade “dog burgers,” as I call them, for decades. It never occurred to me to put chips on there too! It sound fabulous.

    Love you guys and your show!

  2. In regards to the salad topic, the Southwest salad is also my fav from McD’s. I only go there maybe once or twice a year with the crispy chicken, but it’s my fav. The kale blend reminds me of the pre made Dole blends which I ate recently. It includes kale but a small amount because when I have had only kale, it sucks!

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