Episode 48: Double Down Dog

Ryan accidentally slept through the recording of the episode, so Marvo, Dubba, and Eric share their opinions about Red Velvet Oreo Cookies. Then they discuss S’mores Oreo Cookies, new frozen treats from Haagen-Dazs and Dreyer’s/Edy’s, the KFC Double Down Dog, and the Taco Bell Quesalupa.

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  1. I listened to most of the most recent Nosh show on the way to work (it makes my Monday commute much more bearable, so thank you for that), and you guys were wondering why so many items are test marketed in Ohio. I live in Columbus, and the city has such a broad range of different people, ages, ethnicities, etc that it is a perfect testing ground for new products. Wendy’s was testing breakfast items a few years ago that I don’t think went national. A lot of other Ohio cities, such as Toledo, fall into the same category.

    For Wendy’s products, the home office is near Columbus, so they do product testing there and sometimes try new items at local restaurants.

    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the info about why Ohio is a test market for so many fast food chains.

  2. In regards to buttering your sandwich bread, I have NEVER heard of that. Unless you are making a grilled cheese that just sounds weird, and I live in NJ. Can you also bring back the little noise and/or comments Dubba used to do at the last second of the blog? I miss squee! 🙁

  3. My dad butters the bread of every sandwich he makes including cold sandwiches. No one in the rest of the household does this. I am not sure where he got it from but we live in a suburb of Detroit and my dad grew up on the north east side of Detroit. So even though I think it is different and don’t butter my sandwiches it is not a foreign concept to me. Great show. I just subscribed!

  4. As for butter as a sandwich spread, it works good. I have been doing it since I was a kid and still do with roasted turkey, roasted chicken, and roasted beef (chuck eye roast). Great for leftovers to make lunches. Plain white bread with some soft butter smeared on one or both pieces of bread, the meat, and some salt and pepper.

    It helps hold it together if the meat is shredded, and seems to add moistness which can help if the meat is a bit dry.

    Thanks for the show guys. I look forward to every episode.

    Lincoln, NE.

  5. Kadunks debuts the week of 3/9 at It’Sugar stores throughout the US, and will be available through other retailers shortly after.

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