Episode 33: Send Milk


In this episode, we talk about yet another new Oreo variety, Limited Edition Caramel Apple. We also discuss a new Red Bull flavor, Nutella ice cream, cheeseburger-flavored Cup Noodles, and it’s Ryan’s turn for Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time.

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  1. OMG I must be ghetto too bc I always used a Kraft single in my ramen 😉 Soo good!

  2. Hopefully, places that actually still exist (DQ, Cold Stone, I’m talking to you) will blatantly steal Carvel’s idea and start selling Nutella based treats. The Hazelnut Talenti Target flavor is the best Talenti gelato out there, but I would totally nosh a Chocolate Hazelnut version. The Nutella soft serve sounds awesome.

  3. Loved the episode. Glad I could finally see that bag for the Old Bay cheese puffs, too. Defiantly going to ask my uncle in Baltimore to look for them

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