Episode 112: Shredded Wheat Milkshake

ANOTHER new Oreo cookie, Taco Bell’s Forbidden Bowl, Steak n’ Shake’s Breakfast Shakes, Strawberry Chocolate Yoo-hoo, Marvo’s short rant about Cocoa Rice Krispies, and much more.

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  1. I remember trying YooHoo in the yellow box as a child… never liked it. Hershey’s chocolate syrup swirled into actual milk… that was the way to go. As for Chocolate Soldier = that sounds more like a stage name than a drink.

  2. Honey Smacks is my all time favorite cereal. And don’t give me any of the Super Golden Crisp stuff either. But, I just don’t know if I could dig a Smacks flavored Shake.

  3. I really enjoy chocolate YooHoo from the box, although I rarely have it. I remember getting the bottled stuff once and it had residue at the bottom which was pretty gross. maybe I didn’t shake enough. I think the strawberry kind is barely drinkable.

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