Episode 105: Minion Farts

Lots of 2017 Sweet & Snacks Expo talk with Lauren from Candy Hunting on Instagram, Sweet Heat Skittles and Starburst, Triple Chocolate M&M’s, Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly, Chris sounds like a robot two-thirds into the episode (sorry about that), and much more.

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Here are links to products and reviews we mention in the show:

Follow Up

Nosh or Not (Sweet & Snacks Expo Edition)

Other Notable Products at the Expo

Nosh or Not of the Week


  1. Apparently putting Farts in the episode title is a good way to scare people away from commenting (and listening?)

  2. Nah the title didn’t scare me away! I tried the Reeses crunchy cups and only noticed the texture change..i liked the cups with the Reeses pieces better. However I only found the,regular cup size not the big cups. Also tried the B & J Bob Marley Peace ice cream and loved it. I was fond of the banana flavor, but also found the chocolate peace signs to be a distraction

  3. Holy random release schedule, Batman! Hope there’s a new episode this Sunday.

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