Episode 104: No Meat in My Sandwich

Cinnamon-flavored Pepsi Fire, cookie-flavored candy corn, cupcake-flavored Toaster Strudel, Dubba tries to get $1.25 from Marvo, LOTS of Oreo talk, and much more

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  1. The title of the episode should’ve been about the mango debate 😉 Chris, major props for having the most follow-ups! Keep up the great work, everyone.

    1. Thanks Liz! I don’t expect all weeks to be like this, but the Oreo Gods smiled upon me in my hunting last week. Either that or I’ve gotten too good at tracking them down.

  2. Poor Dubba, how does bad food things happen to you? That’s what you get for not eating ice cream for lunch 😉 As for banana flavored ice cream, I love the Friendly’s Royal Banana Split ice cream. Never knew I liked banana ice cream until I ate that. Love the Eric references, and though I was sad to see him go, I think Chris is doing a great job!

  3. I think Eric should come back and do a weekly segment recorded on his own like Andy Rooney (r.i.p.) on 60 Minutes. It would really punch up the opening. — “All these stories, and Eric the Junk Food Guy, tonight on The Nosh Show.” I know incoherent rants are kind of Dubba’s thing, so maybe not JUST like Andy Rooney.

    1. rant? RANT?? What do you mean I rant? I don’t rant! I eloquently state my point… in the most cranky and confusing way possible. Woot.

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