Episode 103: Why Are You Smelling The Bottom?

Taco Bell Nacho Fries, Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreo Cookies, Mtn Dew DEW.S.A., Burger King Froot Loops Shake reviews, a new co-host, and much more.

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    1. Thanks Liz! I’m really happy to be on board. Thanks for listening and I promise to be at least 50% of what Eric was.

  1. Loved the Eric reference, reminds me of the ghost of Marvo episode 😉 I also loved the impromptu showdown between Chris and Dubba. You should do that more often!

  2. Hear that, Taco Bell? The guy who made an egg salad sandwich out of candy eggs and a pizza bagel won’t nosh your nacho fries.

  3. Man I really actually enjoy the Duncan Hines mug cakes. I know Chris will never touch them again but Marvo if you still want to try you HAVE to make them with milk (I use almond milk). They’re perfectly moist. Not weird and oatmeal crumbly. The only not great one I’ve had was the Chocolate Lover’s. Caramel was the best. I also put a tablespoon of icing on top on the days I want the extra calories & decadence.

    Also welcome Chris!!! So happy to have you

  4. Can’t believe dubba didn’t chime in on the coffee Oreo discussion. Just happened to see those old coffee ones mentioned in a review he wrote of Turkey Hill double dunker ice cream in 2010!

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